Thursday, 15 May 2014

Chapter 27 - The Royal Poets

As the royal poets entered the king's courtroom, the announcer heralded their arrival, "Behold the royal poets, gems of the literary world, the literary giants!"

After they all piled into the room, they came forward and blessed the king with a poem,

"May you live a hundred autumns, O King!
May your fame spread far and wide!
May you and your kingdom prosper!"

King Sundara Chola however didn't like them shouting thus. but he didn't give any indication of his feelings. Instead he spoke as a gracious host and asked how they fared.

But Chinna Pazhuvettarayar was sharp enough to notice this. He immediately said, "Noble King, the poets have come only to pay their respect to you. I request you not to trouble or strain yourself too much."

"Yes, my Lord! The noble Pazhuvettarayar is right. We do not want to cause you any inconvenience," the poets said in a chorus.

"I am very happy to see you all together after such a long time. Everybody please sit down. And I would like to hear the new Tamil poems that you have composed."

All the poets sat on the rich carpet that was spread for the visitors. Vandiya Devan also sat along with them. He couldn't deliver the complete verbal message that Prince Aditya had tasked him to. But he thought he might be able to talk to the king again, after the poets left.

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