Tuesday, 13 May 2014

Chapter 24 - The Crow And The Nightingale

Vandiya Devan slept like a log the whole night. In the morning he woke up only when he heard Senthan Amudan singing beautiful hymns while plucking flowers from the garden. He instantly felt sorry for his friend's mother, who couldn't hear such a beautiful voice. His sweet voice, pure devotion and simple life made Vandiya Devan to ponder on his own life and mission.

"Why should I forever roam around like this carrying a sword ready to kill somebody or be killed by somebody? Why shouldn't I tend a garden like Senthan Amudan and live my life peacefully?" thought Vandiya Devan.

After some time his thoughts ran in a different direction. "Not everybody can be good soul like Senthan Amudan. There are people who plot against one other and try to harm others. People need a king to protect them. And kings need bodyguards like Velkarars to protect them from enemies. They also need messengers like me. Yes, today I will have to meet the King at any cost before Periya Pazhuvettarayar returns."

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