Monday, 12 May 2014

Chapter 23 - Amudan's Mother

Senthan Amuthan
As the Velkarar's army passed by, Vandiya Devan noticed that these soldiers too amused themselves at the cost of others, just like the Pazhuvur soldiers.
One of the soldiers walked into a sweet shop and picked a basket full of adhirasam and distributed it among his friends. After that, he took the basket and placed it on the shop owner's head and laughed merrily.

One other soldier, snatched a flower basket from an old woman and threw the flowers high up in the air, while his friends tried to catch the flowers that were falling. One other band of soldiers stopped a bullock cart that was coming by, made the driver get down and drove it towards the market crowd.

Noticing all this, Vandiya Devan thought, "These soldiers are also like the Pazhuvur soldiers, amusing themselves at the expense of the common people. Thank God! They didn't notice me. Otherwise there would have been a bloody skirmish." He also didn't fail to notice one difference. The townsmen didn't seem to resent them for all the trouble that they caused. In fact most of them joined them in their merriment.

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