Sunday, 4 May 2014

Chapter 14 - A Crocodile In Arisalaru

After he had left the Kudandhai town, Vallavareyan went towards the Arisalaru River. As he proceeded towards the land of the Cholas, he couldn’t help admire the beauty of his surroundings.

There was greenery everywhere! Green fields, trees, crops, small ponds, beautiful lakes and friendly villagers… No wonder the kingdom was so prosperous!

As he passed by, he saw farmers toiling in their fields while their wives cooked food in homes made of thatched huts. While the people were at work, hens fed on the grains kept outside the huts. Children ran hither and thither engaged in pranks and games while some sat outside and play pallaanguzhi.

As he passed by, Vallavareyan could smell cooked rice and fried fish. It made his mouth water. In those days, most soldiers ate meat and fish, just like him.

He also noticed that there were many ironsmiths in the villages he passed, where craftsmen made swords and spears.

While Vallavareyan was enjoying the picturesque scenery, his inner mind was engaged elsewhere on a beautiful woman appeared in his inner mind.

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