Tuesday, 6 May 2014

Chapter 15 - Vanathi's Schemes

Kodumbalur Vanathi
What did the other women in the boat do after Princess Kundavai and Vanathi left for Kudandhai Jodhidar’s house? Let us see that now.

Tharakai, see how lucky this Vanathi is – Kundavai Devi seems to have some special love for her.”

“Nothing of that sort, Varani. Vanathi has been acting strange for the past few months - and she faints for no reason at all. That’s why Kundavai Devi has taken her to the Jodhidar. In case a ghost or a spirit has possessed her, we need to exorcise it. Kundavai Devi is worried because Vanathi’s parents are dead, and her uncle has appointed ‘her’ as a guardian.”

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