Wednesday, 7 May 2014

Chapter 17 - The Laughing Horse

Princess Kundavai and her friends
Kundavai had decided that Vanathi was the right life partner for her brother, Prince Arulmozhi. But there was only one problem with Vanathi. She was frightened of everything. And Kundavai was not ready to marry her brother to a cowardly girl. So to make Vanathi brave, she had arranged for the crocodile game. But Vanathi passed the test successfully.

After they came to the boat, they rowed around for a while and then came near the bank, where Kundavai's companions had tied the dead crocodile. They all got down from the boat and played in the water for some time. Suddenly one of the girls screamed, "Crocodile! Crocodile! Somebody help."

Immediately the other girls started screaming. But Vanathi did not get scared, instead she said, "The crocodile is strong only when it is in the water and not when it is lying on the shore. So don't be scared."

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