Monday, 12 May 2014

Chapter 22 - The Velkarars

Nandini and Vandiya Devan
A fair hand parted the veils of the palanquin. Vandiya Devan immediately got down from his horse and went near the palanquin sayi
ng, "Maharaja! Maharaja! Your palanquin bearers..."

When he looked up, he was dazed. His speech slurred, "No! No! You are the princess of Pazhuvur. Your horse came and hit my palanquin."

All this happened within a blink of an eye. The palanquin bearers and the other soldiers immediately surrounded Vandiya Devan and held him and his horse. Despite all this activity around him Vandiya Devan was unable to take his eyes off the beauty that was before him.

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