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Chapter 20 - Our First Enemy

Azhvarkadiyan greatly appreciated the timely help given by the bat. Ravidasan and his gang thought that the bat had made the sound and continued with their discussion, while Azhvarkadiyan listened in.

"Hey, this bat frightened us out of our wits. Let us kill it," cried one of the gang members.

But Ravidasan said, "No, why do you want to kill this bat unnecessarily? Instead let us save our swords to kill our enemies. Bats are our friends. Just like us, they come out of their nests, when men are asleep.

"Listen to me, friends! Until we have the great treasury of Thanjavur we need not worry about gold. All that we need is, people who can take up this dangerous task and complete it successfully. We need to divide ourselves into two groups. One group should immediately go to Elangai and the other should go to Kancheepuram. We need to complete both the tasks at the same time, otherwise our enemies will be forewarned. Who among you is willing to go to Elangai?"

"I will go!"

"Let me go!"

"On second thoughts, I think we should decide who should go, in the next meeting. We need to make a lot of preparation before we leave."

"Ravidasarey, which is the best route to Elangai?"

"We can go via Kodi Karai. That would be the easiest way. But reaching Kodi Karai from here is difficult. Moreover the Cholas, have spies all through that route. So the best thing to do, would be to go to Sethu and cross the sea there. We will land near Mandhotham. From there we will have to find our way. Whoever goes to Elangai must know to swim and row a boat. Who among you knows to swim?"

"I know."

"I know too."

"First we must meet the Elangai King, Mahindan, and talk to him about our plans. So whoever is to go there must know to speak Sinhalam. Where are our other two friends, Soman Sambavan and Edupankari?"

"Here they come!" said one of the men.

The two men came from the opposite direction, making their way through the shrubs. Azhvarkadiyan wound himself around the tree to avoid detection.

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