Monday, 19 May 2014

Chapter 28 - The Iron Grip

The chief of the royal poets got up and asked, "Lord! Then you are the great poet who wrote this poem..."

"Yes, I am that great poet," said the King sarcastically.

The poets were flabbergasted.

Princess Kundavai
Sundara Chola then began, "My dear poets! You don't have to be so surprised at this. Years ago, when we were all in Pazhaiarai we had a small gathering of poets just like today. And many poets came and sang poems and obtained gifts from me. Kundavai who was with me was full of praise for them. I then told her that I could compose a poem too. And as a joke, I composed this poem and asked her to give me a gift. But that naughty girl gave me only two playful slaps, as a present. This happened, some eight years ago but I can still remember it very clearly."

When the King mentioned Kundavai's name, Vandiya Devan's heart skipped a beat. He couldn't wait to meet this wondrous princess. He also noticed how proud Sundara Chola looked when he spoke about his daughter.

Vandiya Devan's hand instinctively went to the bundle of cloth that he had tied around his waist because that was where he had kept the olai that he had give to Kundavai. But he had a shock when he realised that the bundle was empty.

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