Monday, 23 June 2014

Chapter 40 - The Dark Palace

It is now time to find out what happened to Vandiya Devan, who had vanished. The young warrior had hidden himself near the dark palace when the mandiravadi had come. He first tried to overhear the conversation between Nandini and the mandiravadi, but he couldn't hear a word and nor was he keen on it. He knew that he was losing himself slowly to her beauty and felt that It would be better if he just left the place, without meeting her again.

He instinctively felt that she was more dangerous than all the Pazhuvetarayars put together. In their presence, his mind worked well, and he could use his sword, as well as his brain, which was sharper than his sword. But in front of this seductress, he felt that his sword might slip from his hand; his brain refused to think; he found himself wanting to agree to whatever she said. And if that were not enough, she had got a mandiravadi to help her out. God knows what magic tricks the has taught her...

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Volume 1 - New Flood