Thursday, 5 June 2014

Volume 1: New Floods -- Chapter 35 - Mandiravadi

They heard the sounds of gongs and conches and the sound of the fort doors opening. Nandini, who was much distracted by the noise, listened intently. Her maid came running inside the mandapam saying, "Amma! The Lord has come!"

"I know. You go back to your place."

She turned to Vandiya Devan and said, "Periya Pazhuvetarayar has returned to the fort. After meeting the king and his brother, he will come here. You must leave before he comes. Give me Azhvarkadiyan's message."

"Devi! That Veera Vaishnavan claimed that you were his sister. Is that right?"

"Why do you doubt it?"

"Would you believe it if I were to tell you that a parrot and a monkey were born to the same mother?"

Nandini laughed and said, "In a way he is right. We grew up in the same family, in the same house. He took care of me like my own brother. He must be very disappointed in me now."

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Volume 1 - New Flood