Wednesday, 11 June 2014

Chapter 38 - Nandini - The Seductress

It was past midnight, when Pazhuvetarayar finally headed back to his palace. As he rode back fast, he was full of remorse for having shouted at his brother. He knew deep down that his brother was devoted to him.

"Maybe that's why he took the liberty of saying such things. But he has such a suspicious nature, why should he blame Nandini of all the people? Such is human nature. He wanted to cover up his mistakes, so Nandini became his target. That wicked youth escaped thanks to his foolhardiness and he goes around blaming his own sister-in-law!"

"Anyway since he has apologized, it is no use thinking about all that. But could it be true? What if it is true? Am I really becoming a womanizer after all these years? And I really don't know many things about her past. Am I being fair to my brother? After all, he was the one who has stood by me all these years, and fought along with me in so many wars. Why should I be so partial to her anyway? Sometimes even I get suspicious about her...

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