Friday, 6 June 2014

Chapter 36 - Do You Remember?

Ravidasan - The Mandiravadi
Nandini came out of the lata mandapam and clapped her hand thrice. At the farthermost corner of the garden, the real mandiravadi stepped out, from behind a tree.

Nandini went back to the lata mandapam and sat on her couch with a peaceful expression. Mandiravadi entered the mandapam and in the light of the lamps when we see his face, it looks familiar! Yes we have seen him in Thirupurampayam! Near the Pallipadai! He was one who had ordered his men to kill Azhvarkadiyan on sight. It was Ravidasan!

When he entered the lata mandapam his face was clouded with anger and his eyes were bloodshot. He sat down at the seat opposite to the couch. Staring steadily at Nandini, he said, "Om, Hreem, Shreem Kreem, Bagavathy! Shakti! Chandikeshwari...

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