Wednesday, 25 June 2014

Chapter 42 – Is this your friendship?

Vandiya Devan’s first impulse was to save Kandan Maran’s life but he had to take care of this murderous guard first. He sprang forward and held the guard by his throat from behind and wrestled his arm, making him drop the fire log. The fire log fell down burning low, while the guard struggled to release himself from Vandiya Devan’s steely hold. Vandiya Devan held the guard tightly and then banged his head on the wall whereupon he fell on the ground with a thud. Vandiya Devan immediately took the fire log and went near the unconscious guard (who looked as if he was dead). Not sure whether he was dead or not, Vandiya Devan secured his arms with his upper cloth quickly.

Next he ran to his friend who was lying half way across the doorway with the guard’s knife stuck on his back and his spear lay near him. Vandiya Devan stepped outside and dragged him outside the door and took his spear in hand. The doorway to the underground passage closed automatically. Hoisting his friend on his shoulders, he turned around to see where they had emerged. A rushing stream was passing was very near him and the ground was wet and muddy. A few steps more, they would have fallen into the gushing kauveri river that ran along the fort.

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