Thursday, 24 July 2014

Chapter 50 - Paranthakar Adhurasalai

It was a glorious morning in Pazhaiarai next day. A beautifully decorated royal elephant was brought to Kundavai’s palace. Climbing through the specially built platform steps, Kundavai and Vanathi sat on the elephant’s back that had a special seat. A mahout walked next to the elephant, leading them through the streets. Hearing the clanging bells of the elephant, many came out to see the princesses riding through their streets. Happy to watch their beloved elayapirati, many women followed her behind the elephant.

The elephant led the princesses towards the Padai veedu streets where the families of the soldiers lived. Small boys who were practicing with their swords and sticks left their play and joined the crowd. On the verandahs of the houses, many pictures of Lord Muruga and his legends were drawn, while some also had pictures of famous Chola Kings. When the elephant entered the street, all residents came out of their houses to greet the princesses. Soon there was a sizeable crowd behind the elephant that shouted, ‘Long live Elayapirati!’ ‘Long live Princess Kundavai!’

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