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Chapter 47 – Isana Shiva Pattar

Azhwarkadiyan went to his brother Isana Shiva Pattar’s house after his meeting with Princess Kundavai. Located near the Vada Mettrali Temple, the Pattar’s house was about half a kilometre distance away from the royal palace.

Vadathali Temple today
The city was quiet and the streets were empty, as all the drama and entertainment troupes seemed to be done for the day. As he walked by the houses of Padai veedu, he noticed many women were standing outside their houses and talking in groups, angrily. They were no ordinary women. Each one of them had sent their father, husband and sons armed with a sword and a spear to Eezham to fight along with Prince Arul Mozhi Varman. Every house in this street had sacrificed a son or a husband to the glory of the kingdom. He looked around wondered about the dissatisfaction that these women felt now and worried where it would all lead to, if they started protesting too loudly.

It was very dark, when he reached the temple. Situated atop a small cliff, the temple cliff was once occupied by Jain monks who meditated in the caves. When Appar Swami came here for the first time, he couldn’t see the temple, because the artificial catacombs that the Jains had built were all around. He entreated the Pallava chieftain who was ruling the Chola Kingdom to intercede. The chieftain ordered the demolition of the catacombs and within them a small shiva temple was seen and Appar sang in delight.

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