Tuesday, 22 July 2014

Chapter 48 – Whirlpools and Beautiful Eyes

Man, one of Brahma’s finest creations lived near a hill. It gave him shelter from rains and the sultry sun. The bountiful forest provided him enough food to survive. Other animals in the forest trembled at his sight, while he roamed around woodland without any care, free as a bird. Yet at the depth of his heart, he yearned for something, for someone. He often experienced a longing that tugged at his heartstrings, giving him sleepless nights.  He felt that he was searching for something that he has not seen, so far. He wondered incessantly about it in the morning, while he dreamed about it in the night. His heart yearned to see the thing that was attracting him so much. ‘Where will I find that thing that is giving me sleepless nights?’

Brahma had also created a woman. She lived on the other side of the hill. And just like the man, she took shelter within the caves of the hill and partook the fruits that the forest offered her. Outwardly, she was happy and carefree. But inside she was burning up with an unknown passion, an unknown quest for the one who would complete her.

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