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Chapter 46 - Murmurs and Rumours

After meeting Queen Sembiyanmadevi, Azhwarkadiyan headed towards Princess Kundavai’s palace. On the way, the sights that met him at Pazhaiarai’s streets, filled his heart with enthusiasm. He happily noted how people celebrated Krishna’s birthday with such excitement. He felt no doubt about the fact that Vaishnavam was here to stay. For over hundred years, under the patronage of Chola kings, many Shiva temples were rebuilt, many grants have been given to them, countless jewels, land and wealth have been showered, yet it did not diminish the people’s enthusiasm to celebrate a festival for Maha Vishnu’s avatar, Krishna. There is no doubt that Krishna’s many miraculous deeds and endearing stories have captured the people’s imagination. So many troupes of street dancers and drama groups, have come here to celebrate this festival. He noted how people were clapping energetically at the performance of one of the dance troupes.

Azhwarkadiyan Nambi
The actors who were playing Vasudeva, Devaki, Krishna, Balarama and Kamsa were showing their acting prowess to the public. With the public were cheering loudly, the actors sang loudly and performed many interesting japes that attracted claps and frequent shouts. Azhwarkadiyan, stopped to see their performance. The scene was where Krishna was challenging Kamsa for a duel. Krishna was played by a small boy, who listed out the many crimes that Kamsa had committed and challenged him for a duel. In his reply, Kamsa who was played by a broad chested warrior wearing a mask, thundered, “Hey Krishna! Your magic prowess will not work with me. I am going to kill you now. I will kill your brother Balaraman and your father Vasudevan. I am also going to kill that Veera Vaishnavan, who is standing there with thiruman all over his body!”

Everybody now looked at Azhwarkadiyan and started laughing. The vaishnavan looked around with anger and his hands itched to bring his staff down on the actor who was playing Kamsa. But it was pointless, as he had hidden his face with a large wooden mask. He silently slid away and left. But something was niggling his mind. That Kamsa’s voice seemed a bit familiar to him and he felt as if the actor was shouting his dialogues, just to camouflage his voice.

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