Sunday, 16 March 2014

Chapter 10 - Kudandhai Jodhidar

When you see the Ponni River flowing through the Chola Kingdom, you are tempted to describe her thus -

Born in Kudaga Nadu, when Ponni (river) attained age, she wanted to meet her bridegroom, Samudrarajan (the sea). In her desire to meet him, she ran wildly through the forests and plains. As she neared him, her desire for him grew and there sprang from her, two arms racing to reach out to him. As her desire intensified, she developed more arms, each racing to reach out first to her lover.

Do you want to know how our bride was bedecked to meet her groom? The women of the Chola Kingdom beautified her with fertile green sarees and lovely flowers.

“River Ponni! Is there a young woman in our kingdom who has not been elated by your presence? Could there be anyone in this world who is not enamored by your beauty?”
Did you know that one of the arms of the
Ponni is called Arisalaru? But not many people know that there is a river flowing there at all because of the thick grove of trees that grow on the banks. Some compare Arisalaru to a princess who is too shy to leave the anthapuram. But no one can compare her beauty with anything else in this world.

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