Saturday, 1 March 2014

Chapter 9 - From Kadambur To Kollidai

Kollidam Today
Vandiya Devan had lived most of his life in dry regions where there was no river or large lake, which is why he never learned how to swim. Once, while he was patrolling the border of the Chola Kingdom (near the Rashtrakuta Kingdom), he got caught in a current in the river. The current swirled him round and round and started dragging him down. He started losing consciousness; the current had sucked out all his energy. Just when he thought that he would die, he miraculously escaped, and a wave dumped him on the shore.
That night when he went back to his bed, he felt the same swirling motion in his head. But this time, he was not stuck in a river’s current, but in a very dangerous political game.

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