Thursday, 3 April 2014

Chapter 11 - Sudden Entry

Kundavai, Vanathi and Jodhidar
Modern-day Kumbakonam (near Thanjavur) was called Kudhandhai in those days. It was situated between Thanjavur and Pazhaiarai, the old capital of the Cholas. It was not only famous for its temples but also for its astrologer Kudandhai Jodhidar, who was patronized by the members of the royal family and other noblemen. And that’s probably why he had a huge collection of horoscopes of Princesses and Princes belonging to different clans. He took out Vanathi’s horoscope and studied it intently.

After some time he looked up to see Vanathi’s face then looked back at the horoscope and then looked up again…

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Volume 1 - New Flood