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Chapter 6 - The Midnight Conference

After the Kuravai Koothu, a big feast was spread out for the guests. Vallavareyan didn’t enjoy it much as he was exhausted. Nonetheless, he sat down along with his friend who kept a steady stream of conversation about his guests.

Apart from Pazhuvetarayar, Mazhavereyar, Mazhapadi Thanavan, Kunrathur Perunilakezhar, Mammudi Pallavareyar, Thenthongi Kalingarayer, Vanangamudi Munnaireyar, Devasenathipati Puvareyar were some of the prominent figures in Sambuverayar’s guest list that night.

Vandiya Devan was aware that these noblemen were the most influential officials of the Chola court. It wouldn’t be wrong to call them as petty kings and powerful chieftains. In those days, one could not be a king just by birth. Only those, who stood by the emperor with loyalty and bravery during a war, would be recognized and given lands and property and established as a petty king or a lord.

Vandiya Devan realized that unless it were something of great import these noblemen would not have gathered here.

“Why have they all come here…? What is happening here today?”

With these questions playing in his mind, he went with Kandanmaran to the terrace, where he was given a bed under the stars at the far end.

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