Friday, 3 January 2014

Chapter 2 - Azhvarkadiyan Nambi

An original illustration

Riding along the banks of the lake, Vandiya Devan turned his horse towards the South. As he rode, he wondered about his mission. He intuitively felt that he was bound on an adventure that was destined to change his life forever. As he traveled towards the Chola Empire, he couldn’t help but be amazed by the scenic beauty of the fertile lands and the gurgling tributaries of the River Kaveri.

He had heard about the numerous temples that the Chola Kings had built along the banks of the river Ponni and was excited about the fact that he would be visiting famous cities like Thanjavur the present capital of Cholas and Pazhaiarai, a former capital. Apart from that, he was going to meet the king! A great warrior whose handsome mien made people forget his real name ‘Paranthakan’ and led them to call him ‘Sundara Chola.' And if that was not enough, he was also going to meet the most beautiful and intelligent woman in the Chola Empire, Elayapirati Kundavai Devi.

He just hoped he wouldn’t have any significant hurdles to surmount to accomplish his mission. “But what if there are obstacles? As long as, I have a sword in hand, I can tackle any hurdle,” he told himself.

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